Segregating Resource Cost into Fixed and Variable portion

First of all, please send mail in our corporate mail client. I do not generally open very often Gmail/Yahoo for the lack of time. Anyway, Fixed and Variable expenses need to be in accordance with my Boss. So let us have a session on that please.

With reference to my above mail, please provide the Fixed and Variable expenses segregation at GL Account code level, else we will have no other way but to assume 45% and 55% and proceed.

Also, kindly check and let me know regarding the Admin and Supervision Overhead resources.

Thanks, the consolidated data template is fine, albeit the details of Resource Cost, Item Cost need to be provided.

You have added Admin and Supervision overhead, hope this has also been included by the Manufacturing people in their routing, please ask them to do so if this is not the case.

Regarding the Fixed and Variable Product Cost, we discussed the same internally here and came to a conclusion that, at the GL level, segregation of expense accounts into Fixed and Variable have to be done. In case a Expense is partially fixed and variable, we shall create another GL Account code with the same name to segregate the fixed part. This can be as closest to the fixed/variable in my opinion as we know saying that an expense is completely fixed is also not true.

Once we are done with this, we shall be able to compute the Product cost as fixed and variable. Please start this work on priority.
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