Business wise earning statement-Segment Reporting

Q.1. Consignment wise contribution on Export Sales - Others Expenses column - Which are the other expenses?

A. Other Expense- Free Goods.

Q.2. Daily Cash and Bank Position Report - Main cash refers to cash receipts?

A. Main Cash- Cash amount from Sales Proceed.(Depot)

Q.3. Business wise earning statement - Same format for other businesses and Export?. Since the formats are different, they would be considered as two reports

A. Same format for other businesses and Export- Yes

Q.4. LP3 status Report - Enter a column for LP3 amount, can you please populate some data and provide the report. It is not clear as to how we are tracking the fund utilized from the LP3.

A. PFA the New Report Format along with Data.

Q.5. MDR Report - Please provide explanation for the fields and some sample data.

A. PFA. Please find two format in the different name- One sheet containing Product wise, Business wise, Qty, Rate in detail -name-"MDR data file" and another is MDR Report. Please find in excel there has some requirement . Like- Location wise, Business wise, Month wise, Etc.

Q.6. Pending Format clarity on Agent Security Deposit and Agent Commission Reports

A. I discussed with Agro counterpart, he informed me after having the consent of his boss that they do not need that two reports. 

Cost Sheet  format- The existing format is for standard Cost sheet, hence some of the fields are not relevant, please send the format required as per Actual Cost sheet
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