Benefits of ERP implementation in an Organization

Each of you have been critical in the work conducted so far on Project-A and are key to ensuring a successful implementation in the next few months. Working together we can ensure our ERP initiative results in a single information technology platform that will allow for:

ü Integration of business processes

ü Improvement in operational efficiency

ü Improved real time visibility of the various aspects within Sonata and in the environment – at micro and macro levels

ü Improved connectivity with customers and suppliers

ü Compliance with regulatory requirements

ü Deployment of Best Practices that support cGMP

ü Scalability without disruption of existing business transactions

ü Enhancing collaboration and information sharing across departments allowing for timely and accurate planning and decision making

ü Helping to build cohesive and efficient, target oriented corporate culture

You are cordially invited to the Project-A Launch Lunch on Monday, April 22 at 1:30 pm
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