Spotlight Stories: Google reinvents the mobile cinema with Hollywood

The story is interesting. Only one day after leaving the franchise "Fast and Furious," Justin Lin received a call he did not expect. Google asked him to collaborate on the future of mobile cinema, a film that would be available only on smartphones. This morning, Google ATAP announced the official arrival of Spotlight Stories Help with film.

As well tell you that the plot ... is zero. But the experience is unique. With Spotlight Stories, Google gives power users, you can move the camera to live a much more immersive experience. With a camera system, pictured below, Google captures all viewing angles. It is then the sensors in your smartphone, and the work of the director, who took over.

You are at the center of the action, turning the smartphone to the left, and to view and moves to the left, where the alien monster is ready to blow the subway. Then you turn to the right, and you see the frightened faces of train passengers trying to escape. You move up, and you find yourself under helicopters flying over the Los Angeles River. A special experience for an action movie.

The sound experience is also there, which seems essential to make "living" this virtual reality experience. In very little time, you can also use a Cardboard and find this type of content on YouTube.

With multiple GoPro cameras, the final image is defined 6K. An image that must be treated and cleaned, it is also an expertise from Google. The Advanced Technologies and Projects (ATAP), an R & D arms of Google, working on this project for a long time, there are already several animated films that I invite you to see, and see with your family (especially children).
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