Discussion on COA values, Financial Statements and Budgets

I am in agreement with your statement and assure you that we will keep all those open points resolved with proper roadmaps.

I will immediately initiate the following meetings in the next two days :

1. Key User Level Meeting :

a. I had a discussion on these topics of COA values, Financial Statements, Budgets, Variances with KPMG yesterday.

b. I have requested him to engage on these topics from today onwards.

c. Between three of them, KPMG will initiate the discussion today and finalize the next steps that needs to be taken from the execution perspective.

2. CFO level Meeting:

a. I will also initiate a discussion with you and IT on these topics this Sunday.

b. We will discuss on the following topics and clarify your doubts, if any :

i. Cost Sheet Reporting Approach ->Costing will ask for your approval on some open points so that he can close this REPORT. I will request KPMG to be there.

ii. COA Values, Financial Statements and Budgets->I will request KPMG to come into picture and clarify our approach in closing these points

The key objective is to come to a common understanding among all the stakeholders about the ROADMAP that we will follow on these topics.

If you have any comments to my points above, please share with us.
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