Withholding Tax Calculation under new ERP Systems

 COA must have a location for common site (116)
  • Review Bank Balances
  • If create accounting is NOT done from the concurrent program, the output format goes to XML only
  • In case of creating a single invoice for party payment against multiple invoice with different material types, how do we address the default distribution account code
  • Quick way for searching of invoices for withholding tax calculation/ vat for payment needs to be addressed
  • Create accounting doesn't work from the Action button
  • For submitting report (option button) should be enabled for different file types (e.g. excel, PDF, etc.) for all kinds of reports
  • For Withholding Tax (52), the invoice should be validated automatically and accounting should be done in a single step
  • For partial payment of taxes, which report shows the remaining balance?
  • Provide the list of Oracle standard reports name which are applicable for Entity
  • For any accounting report, the transaction date is always 1 day behind
  • Withholding Tax (%) might be low when a specific party is executed for the 1st time in the system. Need to upload supplier ledger for checking the correct tax/ vat calculation
  • When we are assigning the natural account code for Internet/ Phone bill, we need to assign the code with prefix or else we will not be able to capture this expense in selling and distribution expenses
  • COA → LOB and department need to be consitent with other data masters
  • Context values need to be global (e.g. PM, PSO, DSM, RSM, etc.) for few of the expense types
  • Withholding Tax Calculation →New Requirements shared with KPMG and need to be developed
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