Status of some critical ERP scenerios under Oracle Cash management


Please see, we have removed the Bank Account masking for Superusers.User can navigate to Account Payable's Responsibility to create the invoice followed by payment."Screen Shot is an option as it has the Bank Transfer no as well as the relevant Bank Account Details.

Bank Transfer through Bank Instruction can also be done through AP, and the Payment method can be used as Bank Instruction/Bank Payment Advise" .This is as per Standard Oracle Functionality, Oracle does not provide voucher generation from CM. Please check from Cash Management Super user resp (Bank Transfers 145, 146,147, 148)

Agro will be able to create the Bank Transfer. Please specify the report, the create accounting report issue was resolved. Responsibilities are created.The COA has all the values as shared by G/L Team.

Please verify the COA internally and let me know the values missing".As Discussed only the major expense categories / the expenses required for reporting purpose are present. Please give us the list of expenses required to be updated

"Solved. While booking the expenses, User can distribute the amount as per the distribution set attached at the line level. Distribution Set can be created in advance. User can also allocate the amounts manually.

The Distributions can be checked from the Invoice Transaction Check Report". Solved, as seen in the Account Analysis Report

1. Sales proceed of vehicle - Miscellaneous Receipt in AR
2. Amount received from security guards - Miscellaneous Receipt in AR
3. Amount received against donations- Miscellaneous Receipt in AR
4. Amount received from suppliers against damages
- Create a Invoice for the supplier (Invoice Type - Credit Memo, Invoice Amount - Damage amount in negative, Default Distribution Account - Receivables from Supplier Account).
- Validate the Invoice and perform Pay in full.
- Enter the Bank Account in which refund is received and Supplier Cheque number as the document Number
- Click on Save.
5. Amount received against employee final settlement -
6. Amount received against employee loan - Record in Payroll
7. Director's fee refund - Miscellaneous Receipt in AR"
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