Some critical issues to solve under New ERP Systems

PFA the format of the inventory valuation report which we are customizing. Please let me know if this format and the parameters are okay.PFA the issue register updated from my side. I have only updated the costing related issues.

  • Bank details creation/ modification is common across all LEs (Legal Entity). Should be LE specific.
  • There should not be any account number masking for the super users i.e. the whole account number should be viewed (for superusers who will have the authority to change the data master).
  • Update user manual for missing bits only. [e.g. Bank Transfer → Cash Flow → Available Transfer]
  • Bank transfer through cheque will be done from A/P and not from CM (Cash management)
  • Bank transfer through instruction will be done from CM (Cash management). NO voucher will be created. Transaction will be done & journal entry would be given in the background. Need voucher report for reference.
  • NO voucher can be generated in the CM module. (Debit memo, Credit memo, Payment and Bank transfer vouchers)
  • Bank transfer number is NOT generating sequentially. Bug needs to be addressed with Oracle.
  • Bank transfer numbers are missing. NO sort is available.
  • Available payments are NOT LE(Legal Entity) specific. One LE should not be able to view/ modify any data.
  • Agro can NOT search their banks in the Bank Transfer screen.
  • Security profile and organization access for CM (Cash management)needs to be addressed through LEs(Legal Entity).
  • Create accounting for bank transfer resulted in reports containing errors. Need to re test thoroughly.
  • Agro need responsibilities for petty cash user based on location
  • User based problem (database looping) while trying to commit payment
  • COA not updated as a result scenarios are not getting tested
  • Majority of the expense type are missing in the LOV
  • Same name/ description for different account codes in COA (Chart of Accounts) is creating confusion. COA must be updated with proper prefix values for the naming convention
  • Scenario: Admin may receive 50,000 USD as advance from HO Petty Cash and Admin submitted the vouchers against snacks purchase to Finance. Now Petty Cash User will distribute these expenses in the different departments. User was not able to assign expenses department wise and also could not get any report which department consume how many amount against Snacks
  • Settle expense against advance →Balance reflected properly in petty cash but NOT against individual account code despite of completing proper accounting (e.g. When executing Create Accounting the concurrent program doesn't execute)
  • Invoice screen does not appear
"Petty cash received from other sources apart from bank needs to be addressed. The other sources could be the following:
1. Sales proceed of vehicle
2. Amount received from security guards
3. Amount received against donations
4. Amount received from suppliers against damarages
5. Amount received against employee final settlement
6. Amount received against employee loan
7. Director's fee refund"

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