Problems in UAT execution in ERP Systems

PFA the user/ training manual for Inventory module from KPMG. Note that, this manual is the updated version as on the 16th June, 2013 and is applicable for the Inventory users only. Please revert back to KPMG consultants in case of any observation.

KPMG consultants are suggesting to start the costing UAT in parallel with the existing ones. Shall we start or do you have some other views? Please let us know. 

Please find the ingredient requirements in the attached file that are needed to do OPM UAT. Please avail these ingredients in the inventory.

It would be appreciated if you kindly send me the latest product standard cost breakup-2013 for international institutional business.

The attached file is the updated OPM general data master. Please use this file for your reference.

I tried to solve the rating problems but for the lack of clear description of the ingredients I failed to complete for YELLOWs. I can not trace whether these are Plr, Carton, CBC, Slb etc. Mere Oracle codes are not sufficient.

Thank you so much, actually the yellow marked items are BP products. Sorry I forgot to mention in my mail, we don't need cost for them. Thanks for the effort.

PFA the standard cost for all the ingredients. Please note there is no cost for the items marked in yellow as those are BP items.
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