Google maps could be seen offline very soon


Google Maps is a very complete tool and particularly popular for guidance. It however suffers from a defect, all the information are not available when there is no network. One point that will soon change.

It has become a reflex for many people looking to move, looking for a route or a specific place, draw their smartphone and consult Google Maps. However, when the network is low, nonexistent or when you are abroad, a lot of information can not be loaded, reducing the usefulness of such an application. Google has just hit hard by announcing a Google Maps offline, offering all the functionality available online.

Soon guiding and offline route on Google Maps

To address the Google Maps users are not in an area covered by a connection or those without access to local networks, Google will offer offline viewing of his cards and all the associated services such as route, consultation of points of interest, voice guidance, the location of restaurants, hotels, museums, shops and other nearby, etc.

For now, few details have filtered except for a particularly interesting demonstration. Google has not yet reported on the various issues that arise interested in this technology. Release Date of offline mode, if it is free, it will take you download maps, how much they weigh, etc. So many outstanding issue which Google will respond in due course.

Google in his presentation made no secret that his favorite target is the developing countries. These are actually particularly fond of smartphones and often suffer from a rather incomplete telephone coverage and sometimes inefficient especially in rural areas. The BRICS are the main target for this offline technology. The Mountain View company could well win a lot of market share, with Android-based phones in these countries.

Google's strategy is also a frontal attack its competitor Nokia Here, which is found especially in the Lumia Smartphones offered by Microsoft. Nokia Here is actually the only existing technology out free cards online for consultation. Nokia Here, the cards are stored in the phone. Since the end of 2014, Nokia Here is looking to expand by being available on Google Play, but could see his plans disrupted by the giant search engine.
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