What is Design for manufacturability (DFM)?

Design for manufacturability (DFM) is a process that is part of the project management  of  a  new product. DFM  is  concerned with  finding  optimal  solutions  to minimizing product failures and other adversities in the delivery of a new product tocustomers. Objectives of DFM include optimizing customer satisfaction, cost to thecustomer of owning and using the product over its life for the customer, and cost, time, effort, and ease of producing and delivering  the product  to customers.

Cross-functional teams seeking advice from customers and assistance from suppliers  gather  and  manipulate  information  to  determine  the  material,  methods, processes and their trade-offs that will best meet their objectives. This process involves activity analysis to minimize the presence of non-value-added activities and to streamline the performance of value-added activities.
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