How much is Depreciation per unit of product?

For example, if legacy system is off, how I will answer to these questions in ERP Environment! I can not answer now...............

1. Why cost per unit of a Product has changed (increased or decreased)? --> How this analysis could be done in ERP?

2. How much is Depreciation per unit of product is charged? ---> How to analyze?

3. Why a batch cost increased or decreased compared to another?-->Cause Analysis

4. What are the batches lost/rejected during the period?-->Batch No & Cause

5. Which batch consumed more/less materials than FO/FLP by batch? I can not say now

6. Which batch consumed more/less resource Hrs than Std. Routing Hrs set by batch? I can not say now

7. What is the Accounting/Code/Head for rejected WIP/Materials/FG/Abnormal loss?-->How to analyze?

8. How to check as to whether an under or over absorption of overhead happened during the period?

9. How to analyze budget related variances every month? Spending, Volume, Labor & machine idle capacity?--> As the things are deferred to Post Go-Live!

10. How the Management Accountant will do Plant-wise, AC Head-wise expense analysis? Night, Shift, Overstay in Chart of Accounts available?

11. How location-wise MDR-able Items included the MDR list? I mean, why these items were rejected to be MDR? A reason code-->MDR report in insufficient to analyze

12. How to analyze for Labor Hour & Machine Hour+/- ; operation -wise & batch-wise product? No such report I have!

13. How to check as to which batches were produced through Re-work? Is there any AC Head in Chart of Accounts? Will Re-work account be needed to Map with Crushing & De-foiling Department to see total re-work cost?
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