Arranging Fixed Assets Cost Center-wise

OPM Development team has shown Machines [with a unique PEq No-163 for an example] as Resources in the Product Routing. By resource, the ERP means a Coded (PEq-163) Equipment that has been directly/indirectly used in operations. The team did not recognized other assets to be Resources, those are giving services but not used in Routing. But we, the Finance, who have to consider those assets also as Resources/Assets and tag them to the cost centers in which they are used in. So far I have seen the file, many assets do not have their PEq No and many might be placed in wrong cost centers. We must decide where these un-coded Equipment be shown. In that case, Management may be in doubt of Actual Cost of products.

Plants' Fixed Assets are very likely to be disagreed by the Plant Management with respect to their Location, Life, Cost Center if proper information of transfer details are not conveyed to Assets Manager. Even-though, Asset Manager and Engineering Staff from Project Engineering, primarily have listed & finalized the Assets after huge efforts, I think it should be agreed or validated by both Finance and Plant Management in all respects to avoid any future disparity. I think since these basic data will be uploaded into the System, let us take the views/comments/recommendations, once again from Engineering, Project, Production and finally from Head Of Manufacturing. No corner will allow loading misleading data into this integrated system. Let us sit with Engineering Staff on Saturday first.

Good afternoon.As per today's discussion here I am sending the fixed assets register of all plants ( for your review. Please ensure the cost center & PEq number from your end as well as the check with manufacturing & engineering department.
As decided with you we are sitting on Saturday together I think that day we can come in a consensus about the mentioned issue. I think you have forgotten to tag the OPM Development Team with the issue. I will also request to Plant Engineering please share the Fixed Assets register.xls with all required persons where necessary.

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