The miracle food of the 21st century - Omega-3


Omega-3 oils have been called ' the miracle food of the 21st century'. Certain Omega 3 oils also provide the brain food from conception to old age. O3 eggs contain all three types of fatty acid, ALA, EPA, and DHA.

Omega 3 Eggs

- Helps boost heart health

- Lowers triglycerides

- Helps with child brain development
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Low GI Rice was tested by Diabetic Institutes and found to have a low GI (Glycemic Index). In addition, Sydney University's Glycemic Index Research Service (SUGIRS), the foremost GI (Glycemic Index) testing center in the world with over 2500 foods tested, has found Low GI Rice to have a low GI value of 47, the lowest GI value of any white rice in the world. Low GI Rice is processed using specialized techniques to maintain its unique health benefits. It is cultivated exclusively in the rice paddies of Bangladesh and is truly a wonder.

Low GI (Glycemic Index) Rice:

- Helps to control blood sugar levels

- Helps to lower bad cholesterol

- Helps in weight management

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