Costing Training Manual and “Costing Process

As discussed please find attach “Costing Training Manual” and “Costing Process”.

Since you are sole member of the costing team, please review the manual sent by Pooja and revert back to us with any observations/ suggestions at the earliest. Thanks.

I have seen the manual lightly since the manual, I hope, will be updated once again when Integrated Test will be completed or Pre/Post GoLive. However, I have given some recommendations for Training Manual in RED, please see and advise. Thanks.

Thanks a lot for your prompt response. As for the integrated testing, we shall see how it progresses on due time along with possible modifications to the existing manuals with the current feedback. Good day.
Please see the mail from Costing and update the manual as per his recommendations in the file.

I have found one Product in Costing Module in MIS where all ingredients were shown twice the Formulation Qty. I don't know how many products there may exist in MIS which will have severe impact like this, on the product cost. For your reference Product Code 848 is given. Could you please see the issue on an urgent basis! Thank you in advance.

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