Some more Scenerios to be tested in ERP Systems

Please arrange to check the following:

(i) Payable creation at Head Office level but payment and adjustment (if receiver is absent in case of separation/transfer) at depot level

(ii) In case of Cheque/DD dishonor how the specific A/R will be returned back to previous position in the system basically at depot level

(iii) AR amount recovered from final settlement bill at HO to be adjusted in depot AR

(iv) Accounting for advance against sales and adjustment after delivery at depot level

(v) Data captured for determination of gap between material required as per recipe and actual use

(vi) Process of capturing LP-3 data

(vii) Data capturing and adjustment for MDR

(viii) Creation of new depot by splitting and AR balance transfer

(ix) Collection of one depot received by another depot/HO and adjustment
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