Internal Project Review by KPMG Consultants

Based on the feedback from all of you on your estimate of UAT (User Acceptance Testing) completion schedule, I have prepared the draft plan and circulating it for your review. I will request each of you to review the dates for your respective modules and let me know if there are any challenges that you foresee.

I will have the following special requests :

1.  OPM Financial Consultants:

a. Please review the AP module UAT scenarios and give the dates.

b. OPM Financial Consultants to discuss freeze the dates. I have already requested both of you to freeze the dates yesterday.

2. OPM Production and Cost Consultants

c. Please review the Costing module UAT scenarios and give me your analysis of the challenges that you foresee

3. Oracle GL and Accounts Payable Consultants

d. Please review the PF, WPPF, LOANS and give your feedback on the dates when you can complete the UAT

e. We also need to finalize the dates when the reports dependent on the above modules can be completed

4. Oracle HR Consultants:

f. Please give me your feedback on the Plant HR scenarios

g. Please give me your feedback on Leave, Absence Management

5. Oracle Supply Chain Consultants

h. Please give me the feedback on Data Master / Open Transactions interface & upload into Validation and Production instances

i. Load testing

j. Cut-over & Backlog timelines

Also please note that client has special request for the following :

At the beginning of any UAT scenario, all the system specific setups, configurations, reports, customization & alerts should be complete. This will speed up the completion of UAT scenarios.
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