Consolidated requirements related to budgets

I suggest we document all requirements in the budgeting space (whether or not they can be met using Oracle ERP) and then we do an evaluation of these requirements on what can be implemented through ERP (whether now / in the future using ERP). Even-though Sonata may consider deploying the solution at any time in the future, we get an opportunity to validate that the current system is scalable to support Sonata requirements. 
This also helps to ensure that the existing implementation doesn’t jeopardize / limit them in their road-map of the application for the future, whenever they consider themselves are matured to go for integration with products like Enterprise Planning & Budgeting.

To start with we should make a presentation of Oracle Standard Budget features to the teams identified.. so that it would aid them in consolidating their requirements and help them visualize what features they can use for their evolving requirements.

Chief Financial Officer/ Head of IT

Can you please suggest your teams (whosoever involved in the existing budgeting exercise for the company) to consolidate the requirements related to budgets. These can be budgets related to all functions (purchasing, Sales, production) rolling up into your organization plan (Budgeted Revenues – Budgeted Costs = Budgeted Profit). Your teams can share with us the existing Budgeting process along with related templates that they use for budgeting

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