Budget related discussion taken place with KPMG Consultants

Coming up to your mail, Are you looking at maintaining Production Volume, Overheads Budget at the level of a Product / at a Product Category level.. ? If yes, the standard budget solution available in GL cannot meet the requirement as the designed COA structure for Sonata doesn’t have product/product category information. Yet, this requirement can be achieved through work-around like enabling DFF information / custom tables in Oracle and using this information in custom report development.

At this point of time, I would not like to arrive at any conclusion only on the basis of this single requirement (maintaining Production Volume, Overheads Budget). The right solution can be suggested only after reviewing all of the budget formulation, budgets, budgetary control and variance analysis requirements so that design can meet the forward looking and needs of the company.

Its more better late than never. You are in a better position as of now as I can see 70% completion happened in Costing UAT. From that user perspective, I value your feedback and the perspective you have put in your mail below. I personally believe, this discussion is worth discussing considering transition into an integrated ERP system solution for the future.

Oracle provides you with standard budgetary control and associated features in General Ledger. All other sub-ledgers (AP, AR, PO, INV etc.,) can refer to this information and have control while performing daily transactions. This functionality provides for maintenance of budget information against an Account Code Combination in GL (a combination of all of the segments in the COA-Chart of Accounts). This standard functionality is not used in Sonata and the To-Be documents has no mention of any Budget related requirements/solutions.

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