Testing of Product Cost Sheet by OPM Team

Thanks for your feedback. Our team will look into the points identified by you. I will request you to expedite the testing and see if you can finish the testing by this SATURDAY, 09-Nov-2013.

I will try my best to expedite the testing of Cost Sheet and finish it by this SATURDAY subject to overall agreement by OPM & our department. Since there is some negetive results in the sheet and the reasons theryby are unknown, I am going to test few other products deeming that those batches were created and produced in November and expenses in GL were booked against every cost centers in November only. 
To accelerate the pace I have already requested OPM to create batches of all dosage forms but they failed the course due to shortage of materials. I will request the concerned stakeholders/team to create POs (NOT misc. receipts) to make available materials soon. Thanks in advance.

Let users tell me which all products you want to check. I will take care of the material requirement immediately. Also, if you have queries regarding the report components let me know.

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