Product Cost Sheet released pending test report

Please ensure the materials availability for execute your costing scenario which in listed in the attached file.Thanks for releasing Cost Sheet so soon. There are a few observations in first trial, please go:

In BP :

1. Input UOM should be Pcs instead of Kg
2. If Input UOM is Kg/Lit:input and output upto 2 decimals->Pack Size should be in Kg
3. Cost Centers should be arranged according to Production Flow in BP, CO,PS,EXP etc.
4. Cost Component description should be GPO instead of General Production Overhead in BP, CO,PS,EXP etc.
5. In LEO Description Dept. Code should be Cost Center Code in BP, CO,PS,EXP etc.
6. Landed Cost is not a cost component class thus should be adjusted with PO price in all cases
7. In actual cost summary Total Batch Cost is not representative phrase in BP, CO,PS,EXP etc. (total costs to make the entire batch into CO,PS,EXP etc. would be the total batch cost)


1. Input UOM should be Pcs instead of IFC and output UOM in IFC whithout any fraction->Pack Size should be in agreement with Item description

In General/Common Rules:
1. Cost Centers Assessment Rates found inconsistent in different items accrued from the same batch
2. Active and Raw materials rate per unit is inconsistent with BP and total cost is not proportionate)
3. Total cost & Qty of active/raw in various items originated from the same batch can not be more than what consumed in BP

We might take 1 week (approx) to test the entire sheet with all actual transactions and bases.
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