Numbers of Issues in Issue Register for ERP Working Team

Here are a number of Issues in Issue Register for ERP Working Team.

  • PO matched invoice for FA (accounting) NOT working properly. Instead of asset clearing account, it is showing inventory AP account
  • Ship to location for line level invoice for FA is missing crucial values. For example, Head Office.
  • Formulas for Proceeds of Sale, Cost of Removal, Gain/ Loss →Manual or automatic calculation? If automatic, then system is NOT working, if manual, the final output is wrong
  • Retirement of FA twice or more should NOT be allowed by the system
  • Reinstate and Retirement functions are NOT working properly
  • Gain Loss and Reinstate amount is NOT correct
  • Mass Addition Create Report doesn't show any information after the 1st transaction. We must have the information.
  • Proper Calendar should be set up in the system to test the possible scenarios and better understanding
  • Bought N number of assets through Non PO matched Invoice, but the asset number remains same for all the N items in FA, which is problematic in terms of tracking
  • For N number of assets having the same number how to segregate the tag number/ serial number?
  • If PO is NOT defined by asset in the line item, then the cost per asset will be divided by the number of assets from the total PO amount, which will result in wrong valuation of the assets.
  • Depreciation can't be checked because of period closing problem
  • Addressing excess/ shortage of assets can't be tested due to incomplete system configuration from inventory point of view
  • Reevaluation of excess/ shortage of assets need to be retested as errors were generating
  • Logic for expense account transfer (To VS From Range) needs to be reevaluated as errors pop up
  • Asset transfer function sometimes show error indicating wrong GL code combination despite of giving correct input
  • Tax depreciation must be shown for the whole year NO matter when you purchase. Example, if we buy an asset in October, it must calculate tax for the whole year i.e. July to June
  • How to book charges if RM/ PM and others are being received under one LC?
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