UAT test scripts inline with DHC validation team

General Data Master of all other plants are OK. It would be of great help if you please. support me in showing the Navigation /Screenshot in the UAT scenerio file I have sent you today as because Production Team wants it soon.

I shall verify the navigations in this file you had sent to me. We just discussed with Production Team that screenshots are not required to be taken at this stage but after the execution of UAT scenario.

As discussed, please send me the consolidated file for all the PQ’s . I shall verify them and submit to Production Team.

Thank you very much. We all feel comfort now due to your so nice cooperations.

KPMG will send you all test scripts together keeping CC us. Please let us know if you required anything more. Please find the training slides in the attachment, which I will use on Sunday.

This is for your Interest. The slides show the DHC approach for documenting the UAT tests.

Please note that we only require the actual testers for this training session who will be executing the UAT and documenting it as recommended by DHC. Looking forward in seeing you.

Please forward this email to inventory super users
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