Pending Tasks in ERP Implementation as said by KPMG

Can you please provide us an update for the following pending tasks those were set by KPMG before they left:

Ø Map legacy trial balance account codes to oracle COA ->Completed

Ø Map financial statements (BS, P&L etc) and all corresponding schedules to new COA.

Ø Complete OPM Costing Master

Ø Complete all the UAT scenarios, including Costing scenarios

Ø Complete Responsibility Matrix -> Completed

Ø Complete the detailed Formats and Parameters required for all reports provided -> Completed

Ø Complete other pending Data Masters (Expense Report, Item Standard Cost, Resource Rates, and Fixed Asset Register)

Ø Incorporate Vat attribute and Line of Business in Item Master -> Though this should be done after the completion of item master, KPMG is still asking for a draft version. Please advice how to address this task?

Please note that the agreed deadline by Finance department for the above mentioned tasks was the 7th February, 2013 (Thursday) - 2 weeks after the meeting with KPMG, which was held on the 21st January, 2013 at Convention Center. Please let me know in case of any clarification. Looking forward to hear from you soon.

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