Cost Structure of the Finished Goods

The following product codes were initiated last Thursday as an emergency basis with incomplete information about Net Selling Price (NSP) and Trade Price (TP). Can you please redirect this email to the concerned personnel so that we get the price related information and update the database for MIS at the earliest? Could you please help us out by initiating necessary actions to enable IT to have the requested information? We had to initiate these codes for dispatching these goods to FG store for urgent request from concern product mangers.
I just had a talk with Marketing Manager and he said to take this matter to the Finance Manager. He also informed me that any Product Samples could have only 2 price information namely Standard Cost  and VAT. Therefore, we can exclude the Net Selling Price-NSP and TP for Samples only. May be Cost and Management Accounting Team can shed a better light on this matter. I am copying, the Manager-Cost and Budget, in this email as well so that he is in the loop.,

We would like to inform you that we have received the GRN (Internal) of Raw Material from Cephalosporin Plant in June. We have sampled and analyzed that sample. After analysis we have found that material due to moisture higher than specifications. However, at the present this material is not available in hand for production. Production has decided that this Material is generally used after drying. It would be helpful if you could transfer the following material from rejected area to quarantined zone through.

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