Advanced Supply Chain Planning (ASCP) process

This is FYI that KPMG has released the following To Be processes to Sonata today, which I am sharing with you:

  • Ø  Sonata OPM Manufacturing processes
  • Ø  Sonata Advanced Supply Chain Planning (ASCP) process

Please review the files if and only if it is concerned with you/ your department. The discussion regarding these files will be carried out by KPMG next week and I shall notify the schedule as soon as I receive it from KPMG. Hope these will be helpful. Thanks

Due to massive change in FO and FLP of Prednisone Tablet, cost has increased significantly. For example, in New formulation, coating is introduced along with inclusion of Alu Alu Foil instead of PVC Film and an equivalent Rs. 145400 per batch is increased due to such changes 

As you know we are following periodical accounting system where everything should be completed including data correction within a particular accounting period. I found your correction required from August, 2012. In this regard we can change data only when Finance department give us approval, because they already given accounting treatment according to your given data.You are requested to get approval from finance department for the above changes

We need your involve to resolve the matter that due to typing error a mistake was made for the Finished Goods stock report  of September 2012 which was introduced product code 925, quantity 3840. The right product code should be 935 of these quantity. Our It department update the request after approval from you.

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