The Social Democratic Party SPD is sustainable only to 44%

For the SPD leadership it went during the vote on the retention of the ability to govern - and with sorrow and distress an agreement of 56% was achieved. This is anything but glamorous and shows that the SPD is still divided on the issue.

So now it is to come, data retention, the connection data is to be stored in the 10 weeks to all men in Germany. And when the location data should be abolished for 4 weeks. Of all the children, all seniors, and also from you! You can come to owe nothing? This should be in the future no matter! And do not come now please with details, it's all about everyone's safety! These fundamental rights, of which one sometimes hears, is because probably only disturbing.

Sigmar Gabriel has embarked on a course irritating. He gives the SPD a profile in which he wants to score with the issue of internal security. The Digitalsierung may serve as a threatening scenario, as something that needs to curb the policy. With placebo policy as data retention, this is to succeed. In 3 years, then should sometimes be watched whether the People's Data Storage has ever achieved something - the naturalness, to check for a controversial law sometimes, whether it is at all useful, is now sold as a compromise.

For this course it has received the minimum approval of 56% of the delegates to the party convention. For this course, he has the Minister of Justice removed the backbone for the camera. For this course, he has his office in the pan. Everything just so the SPD just as bad in matters of internal security and the digital policy looks like the CDU / CSU.

This is the SPD in 2017 undoubtedly advance so right! When political competition already out the champagne! With ability to govern this course has nothing to do, but rather with the confession to be limited as a party fit for the future!
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