Students take pizzaorder contrary to practice their English

Students should be prepared as soon as possible thereafter to apply their new language learned in practice. The braslianische language school chain CNA had therefore considered some time ago to offer a video chat between Brazilian students and retirees in the United States in order to allow both parties more time for a conversation. Now came CNA together with an advertising agency on the idea that the students Pizza orders by telephone contrary take to test the newly learned language in real use.

For the advertising agency FCB Brazil cooperated with the Bella Vista Pizzeria in Culver City, California. The Agency has the necessary technology to enable the phone calls were routed via Internet telephony in the Brazilian school. The students accepted the orders via computer. In the kitchen of the pizzeria Bestellzettel were printed then automatically. And already was baked pizza and delivered. When you consider how hard is meant most employees a pizzeria on the phone, then you will understand why the advertising agency has just picked a pizzeria for this experiment.

The special feature: The longer the pizza buyer with the students talked, the higher was the discount on the pizza order. At best, the client could get a free pizza. The project came in all side-by so much that is already considered to extend the project to other sectors. Why not etc. edit flower orders in this way. So easy you can set students as free employee :-). And these feelings are not always offer customers a discount, right? Think about it for once, what you can use language students.
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