The algorithm by LabSense that dream to replace the editors

Milliseconds to write a page containing 1 500 characters? So says LabSense can do a Parisian start-up that developed an automated content writing technology. "Our algorithm uses the data available to a company, makes it intelligible and turns it into natural language," says Edouard de Ménibus, the co-founder of the company.

If one thinks of the press, it is above all other Web target sectors of society. Of these, e-tailers who need content for their datasheets, online directories, or pollsters for the presentation of their studies. "A client who sells 300,000 hotels worldwide deals wanted a single sheet for each establishment. Once the settings made, we had a night of machine time to draft 300,000 sheets, "says de Ménibus.

The solution is sold on estimate, according to the choice of style, web optimization related settings, text or regeneration ... the level of quality control. After 24 months of R & D, LabSense born in 2011 and marketing began in late 2012. Former consultant, "the idea has matured in contact with my clients through my consultancy. I worked for media companies to digitize and cost reduction issues, "said Edouard de Ménibus. Article is Based on

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