No goodbye to Windows 10 there will be no Windows 11

We had got used to the operating system upgrade, the next also happens soon since Windows 10 will be unveiled this summer. However Microsoft has indicated that there will be no Windows 11 or any later version ...
After Windows 10, there will be no Windows 11

There are no more new versions after Windows 10, does not mean that the Redmond continues one of its most profitable activities, but it will change the strategy in terms of development of its operating system. Instead of a new system every 2 or 3 years, Microsoft will now offer Incremental upgrades.

The Windows OS 10 will be the latest major release of Microsoft which will improved progressively through updates as was the case for example between Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. Jerry Nixon, the head of Windows development has told the press "Windows will be deployed as a service providing news and updates continuously."

This is also why it is known for more than two weeks that a major upgrade of Windows 10 is already being developed, while the operating system is not even out yet. Windows Redstone is the name of this update will be released in two stages, one in June 2016 and October 2016. It is not the only change made by Microsoft in the field of updates since the Redmond company reported it a few days ago, she also stop the mythical "patch Tuesday".

The concept that Microsoft wants to integrate individuals and businesses is the end of the fragmentation of the operating system, which is a real problem, as has been observed with the end of Windows XP. Individuals therefore benefit from very frequent updates and businesses to which these changes are sometimes serious consequences, can choose to migrate to one of two solutions: Long Term Servicing Current branch and branches for Business.
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