Google Inbox is available to everyone!

Inbox arrived on the market at the end of last year and it triggered a real buzz in its path. Since, blown have waned but that did not stop Google to deploy multiple updates over recent weeks.

The American giant has also done it again that night by announcing a lot of news for its platform.
Inbox will finally allow us to stick a signature to our emails!

First point not least, you will not need an invitation to access Inbox. The service is now open to all users and this is great news for those who had not yet managed to win a precious document. Mind you, you only had to come ask us.

History celebrate the event, Google has also changed two or three little things to make it more pleasant to use service.

The messages stored in the section dedicated to travel will be more readable and they will make up the most important information and all data related to your flights or train tickets.

In addition, you will now be able to cancel sending an email for a few seconds by tapping on the corresponding message. This function is available for several years in the laboratories of Gmail, of course, but it's good to see land on Inbox.

Still on the positive side, you will also have the option to delete a message by tapping the corresponding button and you can even attach a signature to messages you send to your contact.

And then there is the integration of Google Keep. Inbox will now allow you to enter lists and quickly turn them into notes, before sending Keep it all in.

Google is currently rolling out the update on its servers. It is possible that you can not even enjoy it at home.
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