How cost and Management Accounting Promoting and Safeguarding Your Company

The cost and management accounting is a subject which unlike the Financial Accounting follows non-statutory rules. It is used to inform management and to satisfy the following tasks:

1. providing data for short-term income calculation (monthly) by identifying all costs and benefits in a period outside the financial accounting,

2. determining the cost of a unit of the product as the basis for determining the selling prices,

3. control of the economy, that is, Cost reduction and monitoring of service provision and utilization,

4. Evaluation of semi-finished and finished products to commercial and tax law for the annual balance sheet, ie, the exact determination of the manufacturing costs.

The financial accounting primarily aims at the income determination (Income calculation) while the cost and management accounting focuses on the evidence against the causes of profit and loss.

Due to this reason, the cost and management accounting forms the basis for business Plans and decisions to ensure the efficiency and profitability of a company.

Cost and management accounting Promoting and safeguarding the company by:

1. optimize the performance program (eg selection and promotion of services with the highest profit contributions per period)

2. minimizing the cost of the performance factors (eg materials, labor and capital costs),

3. maximize the efficiency of service provision (eg selection of technical equipment, selection procedures, control and organization of the service process)

4. Optimize the performance of sales and revenue-generating market (eg selection and promotion of markets and target groups with the best winning contributions).
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