Key points under Graphical Method of linear programming

(i) Formulating the linear programming problem, i.e.,expressing the objective function and constraints in the standardised format.

(ii) Plotting the capacity constraints on the graph paper. For this purpose normally two terminal points are required. This is done by presuming simultaneously that one of the constraints is zero. When constraints concerns only one factor, then line will have only one origin point and it will run parallel to the other axis.

(iii) Identifying feasible region and coordinates of corner points. Mostly it is done by breading the graph, but a point can be identified by solving simultaneous equation relating to two lines which intersect to form a point on graph.

(iv) Testing the corner point which gives maximum profit. For this purpose the coordinates relating to the corner point should put in objectives function and the optimal point should be ascertained.

(v) For decision – making purpose, sometimes, it is required to know whether optimal point leaves some resources underutilized. For this purpose value of coordinates at the optimal point should be put with constraint to find out which constraints are not fully utilized.
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