What are the requisites for the installation of a uniform costing system ?

Requisites for the installation of uniform costing: Essential requisites for the installation of uniform costing are as under:
(i) The firm’s in the industry should be willing to share / furnish relevant data or information.
(ii) A spirit of cooperation and mutual trust should prevail among the participating firms.
(iii) Mutual exchange of ideas, methods used, special achievement made, research and know how etc. should be frequent.
(iv) Bigger firms should take the lead towards sharing their experience and know how with the smaller firm to enable the latter to improve their performance.
(v) In case of accounting methods, principles, procedure and production method uniformity must be established.

 Uniformity must be established with regard to several points before the introduction of uniform costing in an industry. In fact, uniformity should be with regard to following points:
(a)  Size of the various units covered by uniform costing.
(b) Production methods.
(c)  Accounting methods, principles and procedures used. 
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