What are needed to operate MRP successfully?

A material requirements planning (MRP) system is a computer based inventory information system which is used to plan and control raw material and component parts inventories. Like all computer-based information system, MRP systems can be divided into following:
i) Pre-requisite information
ii) System input
iii) System processing,
iv) System output.

Data requirements to operate material requirement planning system:

1. The master Production schedule: This schedule specifies the quantity of each finished unit of products to be produced, and the time at which each unit will be required.
2. The Bill of material file: The bill of material file specifies the sub-assemblies, components and materials required for each finished good.
3. The inventory file: This file maintains details of items in hand for each sub-assemblies, components and materials required for each finished goods.
4. The routing file: This file specifies the sequence of operations required to manufacture components, sub-assemblies and finished goods.
5. The master parts file: This file contains information on the production time of subassemblies and components produced internally and lead times for externally acquired items.
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