Implementation of Quality Improvement Process || PRAISE

The outcomes of the customer survey, benchmarking and internal analysis, provides the raw material for stages of the review process : the identification of improvement opportunities and the implementation of a formal improvement process. There is a framework for the six-step analysis, identified by the acronym ‘PRAISE’.

The successful adoption of this sequence of steps demands discipline and commitment. The goal of quality improvement is paramount and guides the actions of the change team throughout the framework.
The PRAISE six-step quality improvement process with Steps, Activity and Elements

1 Problem identification:
  •  Areas of customer dissatification
  • Absence of competitive advantage
  • Complacency regarding present arrangements
2 Ranking
Prioritise problems and opportunities by
  • perceived importance, and
  • ease of measurement and solution
3 Analysis
  • Ask ‘Why?’ to identify possible causes
  • Keep asking ‘Why?’ to move beyond the symptoms and to avoid jumping to premature conclusions
  • Ask ‘What?’ to consider potential implications
  • Ask ‘How much?’ to quantify cause and effect
4 Innovation
Use creative thinking to generate potential solutions
  • Barriers to implementation
  •  available enablers, and
  •  people whole co-operation must be sought
5 Solution
  • Implement the preferred solution
  • Take appropriate action to bring about required changes
  • Reinforce with training and documentation backup.
6 Evaluation
  • Monitor the effectiveness of actions Establish and interpret performance indicators to track progress towards objectives
  • Identify the potential for further improvements and return to step 1
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